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Nov 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
: the creators of this antirape under wear wouldn't talk to us on camera and don't give their last names on their fundraising site. it's up to you to decide. this has a lot of people talking and not all of it's good, and that can be an understatement. >> are we going to wear something over our mouths so that people don't force us to perform oral sex. >> reporter: strong words about a product touted for its strength. the creators say the underwear cannot be ripped, torn or pulled down. only the wearer knows the combination. >> we want them to feel safer on a first date or a night of clubbing. >> i can see this product being a major disaster where as opposed to getting raped now you're going to get killed. >> reporter: her list of what's wrong with all of this is wrong. >> the degree of guilt and sense of shame and responsibility just increases. it gives a person a false sense of safety. somehow there's an assumption that rape is about sexuality, rape is about intercourse. yet we know that rape is about so much more. >> reporter: anti-rape wear spokesperson says she narrowly ska epd ly --
Oct 31, 2013 11:30pm EDT
. (laughter) now, i don't want to be a wet blanket and ruin the celebration for the boston red sox and their fans and so forth but isn't red sox offensive to native american hosiery makers? >> paul: yes, i would say so! >> dave: i mean, if you think about it? >> paul: absolutely, because -- (laughter) >> dave: and, speaking of good sports, earlier today the new york yankees released this congratulatory message for the red sox. take a look at this. >> the new york yankees would like to extend heart felt congratulations to their arch rivals, the boston red sox, on their eighth championship? 109 years. we'll match our 27 championships in the year 2271. good luck, fellas. see you at the ballpark. (applause) i thought that was very nice. i don't know. i guess i'm alone in this but it's halloween and i don't care anymore about halloween. (laughter) i mean, i go through the motions like most things in my life but i just don't care. earlier tonight the little kiddies came around and i -- you know, i gave it frozen turkeys.r i don't even know what i was giving out. by the way, let's turn on
Nov 14, 2013 11:00pm EST
, but they don't have to have reinstate them, either. lawmakers on both sides are skeptical, and so was the white house press core. ken molestina. >> reporter: no doubt about it, the president was on the hot seat today's took questions from reporters in the white house. but there was one reporter in particular, cbs news' major garrett who continued to grill him for answers. >> you were informed two weeks before the launch of the website that it was failing the most basic test internally, yet a decision was made to launch. >> i was not informed directly that the website would not be working the way it was supposed to. had i been informed i wouldn't be going out saying, oh, this is going to be great. i'm accused of a lot of things but i don't think i'm stupid enough to go around saying this is going to be like shopping on amazon or travelocity a week before the website opens if i thought that it wasn't going to work. >> the president was also pressed by garrett on comments he previously made about americans being able to keep their current insurance. >> reporter: you do not believe, sir, that the a
Nov 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
nobody has been more frustrated. i wanted to go in and fix it myself, but i don't write code. >> the president making headlines as he defends the healthcare law in new orleans today. he also said once those problems are fixed critics may change their tune. >> i know healthcare is controversial, so there's going to be only so much support we get on that on a bipartisan basis. until it's working really well and then they'll stop calling it obamacare. >>> now to this headline on cbs news. the most uninsured are ignoring the obamacare marketplace. the latest gallup poll shows just 18% of uninsured americans have attempted to log onto a healthcare exchange site since the start of obamacare. only 22% of uninsured americans say they plan to get health insurance through the new healthcare marketplace. >>> next up politico headline here, only five enrollments completed in d.c. obamacare exchange. this is according to republican senators chuck grassley of iowa and orrin hatch of utah but out of the four insurance the lawmakers asked for, only two companies had the enrollment numbers. y
Nov 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
the plastic wraps they put one by one in a fake ballot box. >> and they are not as good as they are. i don't know what they have to say there. >> obviously they are not letting them in the headquarters in sterling, but they did receive this. a statement from richard. and from their camp. as they have it here and that is the fact and the only candidate in this race with a serious plan for them to create 58,000 jobs for them on the hispanic families across the commonwealth. do you believe that? >> no. no. >> and they will call this a desperate attempt to draw out the last-minute support by the democrats. organizers. >> and we are not working for the democratic party. that we are disappointed also. and that he has not addressed them on the policies. >> and it will be the democratic side of it. what do you think of that? >> i don't know. apparently not. >> now, it will be up to them to decide. in sterling, wusa9, debra alfarone. >>> tomorrow is also election day in maryland. and while they don't have any statewide races, there's local ones they need to keep an eye on. now, the incumbent will b
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5